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Jutberg - Radiocampweek Reports 26
Jutberg Radiocampweek - Special Productions 9
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2009 21
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2010 8
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24 apr 2004 - André Kuipers talking to PI4TUE (01m:58s)
Amateur Radio antenna placed on the ISS (11m:54s)
ANDE-2 experiment with 2 satellites - Castor and Pollux (04m:49s)
André Kuipers in ISS having contact with school students with the help of radio amateurs (14m:38s)
APRS from the ISS Space Station (02m:08s)
Compass Satellite Telemetry - CW FM (03m:10s)
Delfi-C3 project Overview - TU Delft (02m:46s)
ESOC Radioclub (DL0ESA) having contact with ISS (NA1SS) (09m:52s)
Furtherwick Students in contact with ISS (10m:21s)
HOPE-1 Satellite (02m:00s)
NORAD tracks SANTA (14m:29s)
Reden is calling ISS - 2009 (03m:59s)
Spacehackers - Radio amateurs listening to communication in space (english version) (52m:20s)
Space Hackers - Radio Amateurs listening to communication in Space (dutch version) (52m:03s)
SUITSAT - Amsat Newsreel broadcast (05m:25s)
SUITSAT - preparations in ISS (22m:41s)
SUITSAT - ZDF Report (mission failed) (01m:45s)
Report Expedition 9 to the ISS (with André Kuipers) (10m:20s)