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Amateur Logic TV ( 59
Amateur Television (ATV) 9
Antenna building and problems 14
Balloon Fox Hunt - Reports 21
Various Radio Amateur Movies 39
DXpeditions 15
Jutberg - Radiocampweek Reports 26
Jutberg Radiocampweek - Special Productions 9
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2009 21
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2010 8
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2011 8
Jutberg Radio Camp Week 2012 8
Jutberg Radio Campweek 2013 8
Promotion Movies of Unions 16
Radio Fox Hunt reports 6
Radio Amateur events 50
Spacecraft 18
VERON Pentecost camps 10
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3SAT broadcast about the use of the PC by Radio amateurs (DL) (03m:48s)
Amateur film about catching pirate stations by the RCD in The Hague (08m:53s)
BBC report: Radio Amateurs and theTsunami (2004) (01m:49s)
Watch the shack of Peer Touber, PA2PBT (08m:21s)
Bonaire (PJ4), PJ4EME and other activities - June 2007 (34m:37s)
Building of the Evoluon - 1966 (22m:42s)
CNN report: Radio Amateurs and the Tsunami (2004) (07m:25s)
The shack of the VRZA Union station PI4VRZ/A in Apeldoorn (11m:32s)
Do Technics Day - OBS De Octopus Zwolle - 2009 (10m:00s)
Do Technics Day 2008 OBS De Octopus Zwolle (14m:01s)
Dordts Aagje: Report DEC (17m:12s)
Hamband - For Dave (04m:38s)
The danger to become an engineer (Dilbert) (01m:01s)
Interference by Broadband Internet over Powerline (03m:33s)
Interview with PA0SSB about EME - 1982 (29m:17s)
Jay Leno Show - SMS text vs Morse Code (03m:43s)
Klokhuis broadcast about Radio(Amateurs) (14m:22s)
Lecture by PA3BIM about TV - October 1981 (57m:10s)
Lecture by PA3BMV and PA0LDA about the Wonder World of fast connections (01h:55m:08s)
Lecture of Joop van Zeeland PA3BMV about Kenwood Tranceivers - 1997 (25m:46s)
Musum Jan Corver - Exhibition Secret Messages (16m:51s)
Museum Valkenswaard - Communication during the Second World War (03m:42s)
Official Movie of the Evoluon - Eindhoven (11m:57s)
Uncle Joe 1981 (09m:02s)
Development Radiomail in Africa (02m:59s)
Open day Venhorst Communication Hilversum - 1997 (15m:19s)
PCH - Scheveningen Radio (Polygoon) (02m:11s)
Pete Smith Specialty: Radio Hams (1939) (09m:57s)
Pirate Radio USA - documentary (01h:24m:56s)
Radio Kootwijk (13m:12s)
Radio Museum Jan Corver (03m:28s)
Si tous les gars du monde - French movie 1956 (Radio Amateurs helping a ship in need) (01h:48m:08s)
Vancouver Marathon 2004 with support of VECTOR (05m:04s)
VHF-UHF-SHF Conference 1984 - 6 cm SSB Tranverter (56m:40s)
VHF-UHF-SHF Conference 1984 - FM-ATV, SAT-TV (01h:11m:55s)
VHF-UHF-SHF Conference 1984 - Measurement Room (05m:29s)
VHF-UHF-SHF Conference 1987 - Experiments on 24 GHz (58m:55s)
VHF-UHF-SHF Conference 1987 - Non Linear TV Transponder (48m:41s)
Weekend Luxemburg and the Radio equipment is brought along - 1998 (08m:43s)