CH73.NET - Radio Amateur WEB TV

Conditions and possibilities to use CH73.NET

Sending movies and requests for streams (permanent or for events) is possible by contacting the crew of CH73.NET.
Making movies available implicitly means that authorisation for (re)broadcast is given to CH73.NET.

Condition for movies and streams is that they can be broadcasted via ATV-repeaters, which means they must comply to the rules which apply to Radio Amateurs. This also means they must be fully free of copyright (or permission is given by the copyright owner) and do not contain advertisements. The subject allways must have some connection with Radio Amateurism.

CH73.NET also gives the possibility to get a live stream of an event or of an ATV Repeater. You will get your own publishing point on the streaming server. You will provide yourself the up-stream with Windows Media-encoder, a free tool provided by Microsoft. Also tools from other make are usefull. The upload normally will be about 300 - 500 kbps, but you are free to decide what is best suitable. The upload can be done by the pull or the push mechanism, although we prefer the push mechanism. Main advantage of the push mechanism is that the streaming pc is responsable for delivering the image. This also can be used behind a NAT or firewall situation. Please contact us for this via email.